GTC Workshop

Service inspection


Checking the brake discs and pads BAG

Control of steering gear, steering balls, rails and rack and pinion

Control of drive shaft sleeves

Checking the support arm bushings FOR

Checking the support arm bushings BAG

Checking the anti-roll bar

Check shock absorber and spring FOR

Checking the shock absorber and spring BAG

Exhaust control, catalyst and particulate filter, tightness and condition

Checking front wheel bearings

Checking rear wheel bearings

Checking tires, tire pressure, tread and abnormal wear

Checking brake pipes and hoses

Chassis and body condition control for rust

Control of undercarriage treatment / rust protection

Checking for scratches, stones and cracks in windows

Check sprinkler function on windshield, rear window and headlights

Checking the function of the lamps, bulb, lens and lamp setting


Checking oil leakage from engine

Checking for oil leakage from gearbox

Control of horns

Checking radiator, hose, connections and tightness

Checking frost protection

Control of coolant, washer fluid and power steering fluid

Control of brake fluid and boiling point

Checking the V-belt and multi-belt

Inspection and lubrication of bonnet lock and catch hook

Check pipes, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel pipes, damage and leaks

Checking seat belts

Lubrication of hinges, door locks and trunk locks

Engine oil and filter replacement (+ filter price)

Replacement of wiper blades (+ wiper price)

Pollen filter replacement (+ filter price)

Reading out error codes in the car's software

Reset the service indicator

The car is checked during a short test drive

Without oil / 580 kr

With oil / 1185 kr

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